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Apollo is the first aEDC system validated for clinical applications. It is EMR-agnostic and provides on-demand analysis of health data with unparalleled precision.

Optical character recognition

Apollo reads and extracts data from all document types including encounter notes, PDF documents, image files and hand-written notes

Each record is converted to machine readable data before it is analyzed so relevant information is never missed

Natural language processing

Specialty-specific extractors analyze data from problem lists, encounter notes, discharge summaries and other unstructured document types (including your short-form)


Pre-existing/Developed Conditions Impacting Hospital Stay:

1. CAD With PCI in 2007 after MI, 20132.

Cath June 2016- ISR and 90% lesion in RCA

Other Conditions:

1. Emphysema- current smoker
3. OSA on CPAP

Privacy by design

We believe the best way to keep patient information secure is to collect and store the minimum amount necessary for delivering reliable services to our customers.

We put the principles of Privacy by Design in practice by:

Proven in clinical research, adapted to clinical care

Data extraction for RWE

Apollo in Use

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