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Connecting health IT systems can be complicated. We try our best to make it easy. Contact our sales team for more information about getting set up or help to better understand the process.

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Data Processing

We process requests for all providers with an active Compass account. An account will be created for you if you don't have one at the time of your order.

Each record sent to a data lab is de-identified asymmetrically at source. All analyses take place on de-identified data. A linking log stored separately from the de-identified data is used to attach identifying information to the reports as they are sent to you.

Our Clinical Operations Team extracts the clinical features the algorithm you ordered requires from the de-identified record you asked it to be applied to. The extraction is performed using our Apollo aEDC system. The features are fed into the algorithm to generate results. You can receive reports by email, fax, within your EMR or through Compass  ↗︎.

Our Support team are available to discuss your results 8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.


We produce and send you reports for each patient whose information is analyzed including patients for which you requested a Single Record analysis or who had a qualifying encounter with you in the identification period of a Whole Database screen.

Sample ATTR-CM Report

Sample IL-1m AIDs Report


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