Real World Study

Impact Assessment of an EMR-integrated Algorithm Following Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of People Living with T2DM

This study will assess the real world impact of clinical decision support algorithms in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Canadian primary care setting

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Real World Studies


About CMAA-6

CMAA-6 is a clinical decision support tool that helps general practitioners identify patients whose medical management could be further optimized with a cardiometabolic antidiabetic agent according to Chapter 13 of the 2020 Diabetes Canada Guidelines. The algorithm screens structured and unstructured data electronic health records to identify patients scheduled to see general practitioners that may be therapy-eligible.

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About the Study

AIM-T2DM is a real world study led by Novo Nordisk and managed by IQVIA Canada. It will investigate whether access to the CMAA-6 algorithm improves guideline-adherence or patient outcomes in the real world.

Participants will be asked to review the reports generated by the CMAA-6 algorithm each month and consider the medical management of those the patients they describe. Contact IQVIA Canada for a detailed list of study activities and compensation rates.

This study has received ethics approval from a central ethics board (Advarra IRB# 00000971,Approval # Pro00074587).

Data Processing

Participants will be required to subscribe to 12 months of monitoring services with the CMAA-6 algorithm. We will apply the algorithm to input parameters we extract from the EHRs of participants at our Toronto Data Lab. Participants that have not previously requested data analysis services from us will be required to authorize a connection to their EMR database before receiving services. A member of the our team will facilitate data transfers with supported EMR systems.

All participant data will be processed according to the General Terms of our Clinical Data Lab Services. Please review the frequently asked questions section of our resources page for answers to common questions like where data are stored and how sensitive information is protected. Links to privacy memorandums describing how our services can be used in compliance with provincial health privacy regulations are available below.


General practitioners using one of the following EMR systems are eligible to participate if they satisfy the additional requirements of the study:

Contact to request a data linkage with an EMR system not listed above.



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This study is being led by Novo Nordisk and IQVIA Canada. Aggregate pseudonymized data will be shared with the study sponsor as described in the study protocol, copies of which will be made available to participants upon request.